Free guestbooks for all. The best free guestbooks
Free guestbooks for all. The best free guestbooks
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Features of guestbooks MBook v3.0

  • No banners.
  • 500 smileys (look)
  • More than 20 codes for text (look)
  • More than 90 backgrounds for your guestbook appearance (look)
  • Forum mode: your visitors can add comments to messages.
  • Message preview before submitting.
  • Search in guestbook.
  • Page with guestbook rules.
  • templates for different guestbook elements allow assembling different design variants.
  • Possibility of total-lot design changing. There are several modes of design changing that will be suitable as for beginners who don't know anything about HTML, so for professional designers. Preview is available in every mode.
  • Message premoderation mode excludes possibility of appearance of unwanted messages in your guestbook.
  • Interbrowser compatibility: guestbooks were tested in browsers Internet Explorer 6, Netscape 7.0, Opera 7.11, Mozilla 1.0.
  • Email notifications about new entries and comments for guestbook owners and for visitors.
  • Guestbook owners can delete, edit messages and write answers from email notifications.
  • It is possible to create several guestbooks on one user account. In this case guestbooks can use design or messages from other guestbooks, so it is possible to create several guestbooks with equal design or with equal content.
  • Powerful protection system from hooligans: excluding of equal messages, setting up maximal number of messages per day for one visitor, setting up minimal time interval between two messages, cutting very long words, prohibition to add messages or/and to view guestbook from separate IP-addresses, groups of IP-addresses or from all anonymous proxy servers, and so on.
  • Protection of email-addresses from spammers by JavaScript.
  • It is possible to send from guestbook a private message for guestbook owner (such message won't be published in guestbook).
  • Expanded statistics of guestbook attendance, including statistics for every visitor.
  • It is possible to change displaying order of entries and comments.
  • After adding new message values of fields are saved in visitor's computer in Cookies, so when this visitor come back to guestbook this values will be filled in form automatically.
  • and many other features ....

    Вопрос: Размещаете ли Вы в гостевых графические баннеры?
    Нет. Графических баннеров в гостевых мы не размещаем. В гостевых выводится небольшой текстовый блок, который соответствует дизайну гостевой книги.
    Продукция наших партнёров: Шумно? У нас шуманет эко звукоизоляционная плита недорого.
    Вопрос: Можно ли заменить надпись "Гостевая книга" на другую?
    Вы можете полностью изменить внешний вид страниц гостевой книги.
    Продукция наших партнёров: Автовесы для зерна помогут вам контролировать качество и количество продукции.