Free guestbooks for all. The best free guestbooks
Free guestbooks for all. The best free guestbooks

Guestbook user's manual

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Changing guestbook design

There are several ways to change guestbook design. They will be described in order of increasing complexity. It is recommended to go through these ways consecutively and stop if you are satisfied with result.

  1. The first way is the easiest one: you select the most suitable guestbook example and your guestbook becomes the same. You can select guestbook example in different situations: during registration, during creation of new guestbook or on page 'Guestbook Management'->'Design Control'. In all these situations you can click link 'Demonstration' in order to open page with demonstration of examples. If you are not satisfied with examples, select the most suitable one and go to the second way.
  2. The second way is similar to the first one. Here you select not whole design but different parts of guestbook design. In order to do this open page 'Guestbook Management'->'Design Control'. On this page in section 'Selection of separate design elements' click buttons 'Demonstration' and select desired templates for different guestbook elements. Guestbook consists of the following elements: 'Main Page', 'Entries', 'Input Form', 'Style Sheet', 'System Messages', 'Rules Page' and 'Search Page'. Number of different combinations of templates is 288. But if you are still not satisfied with these combinations, go to the third way.
  3. The third way allows you to easily change guestbook colors, background images, fonts, aligns and so on. In order to do this open page 'Guestbook Management'->'Styles Control'. Preview window will open automatically. If you click button '>>' then you will see page 'Select Color' that will help you easily select desired colors. Finally all values of all parameters of page 'Styles Control' will be saved in cascading style sheet, that is situated in HTML-document between tags <style> and </style>. So page 'Style Control' can be called 'Cascading Style Sheet Editor'.
  4. The fourth way allows you to change guestbook design completely. This feature is provided by group of links 'Guestbook Layout'. On each page from this group you can edit template of one of guestbook elements. Templates contain special words (keywords), surrounded by symbols '!'. When guestbook page is displayed these keywords are replaced by corresponding guestbook elements. When template is changed it becomes user template and is called 'custom'. 'Color picker' will allow you to easily select desired colors, and preview will lighten the process of changing design.

Вопрос: Размещаете ли Вы в гостевых графические баннеры?
Нет. Графических баннеров в гостевых мы не размещаем. В гостевых выводится небольшой текстовый блок, который соответствует дизайну гостевой книги.
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Вопрос: Можно ли заменить надпись "Гостевая книга" на другую?
Вы можете полностью изменить внешний вид страниц гостевой книги.
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Вопрос: Можно ли указать другой набор смайликов в форме ввода?
Да, это возможно. Также можно полностью отключить использование смайликов в гостевой книге.
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